Thursday, April 12, 2007

Olivia Mojica - Hardcore Idol

So the rumor is that American Idol contestant Olivia Mojica has a hardcore sex tape. Seemingly it was filmed by her boyfriend and "somehow" got to a porn production company via a third party. Yeah, sure, third party ...

I did read one comment on another blog whilst researching this that disturbed me. He said, "when I see things like this, I realize that most women are just whores". This statement stopped me in my tracks, and I thought for a moment that it was just offensive and low IQ alpha male bravado. On reflection, it's actually quite insightful.

However, and don't get me wrong, I do respect many women, I don't think it's true to say that all women are just whores, but I do think it true to say that many more women are intrinsically whores than people realize. In my experience women are prepared to do much more for money than men are. Women are much more motivated by money and fame than men are. What are Olivia, Paris, Mischa, Nicole, Britney etc, if not to some degree prostitutes? They choose their clients, and make more money than most, but there's such a fine line between their behavior and that of the average street hooker, that it's too close to call.

Outside of the celeb world it's just the same for the average girl in the street. A rich guy can fall in love with a pretty and poor waitress he was smitten by. But the reverse? Say, for example, rich female lawyer falls for an hunky gardener and actually marries him, not just fucks him. Nope, never happens. Never ever happens. With most women it is about the money. Ugly accountant driving a top of the range BMW? You'll get laid, don't worry...

Anway, the tape's been described by "someone" as "The Nastiest Tape I've ever Seen". Well I can only hope that true and that this quote didn't come from someone who doesn't get out much.

Anyway, as aways on the Quest we are concerned with what Olivia's bum looks like. I've seen a trailer of the tape and whether it's really nasty or not can't yet be determined - but her ass is lovely, and she does seemingly get it's hole filled - so I want to see more.

Here's some (rather poor quality, sorry) screen caps from the trailer. More will surely follow...

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